Family Room Entertainment Corporation, incorporated on May 15, 1969, is an entertainment company. The Company is engaged in various aspects of the media entertainment motion picture film/television (TV)/cable/Internet/social media/streaming Internet and other areas, such as film/TV/video restoration. The Company develops, produces and performs production related services for the entertainment industry. It also provides film finance services.
The Company, through its Distribution arm subsidiary FMLY/Distro/sm, intends to and has and in process of various future areas for joint ventures, and as well as it plans to look at production/coproduction/future distribution in movies/TV/cable/Internet/social media/films and other content Direct and via Third Parties. The titles film library and third party distributions are also targeted to other ancillary media entertainment outlets, such as video on demand (VOD)-Netflix, Love Film, iTunes, Hulu, airlines.