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About Us: General Information

    Family Room Entertainment Corp. (“FMLY”)- FMYR OTCMARKET>COM is engaged in various aspects of the entertainment industry. FMLY develops, produces and performs production related services for the entertainment industry Also in Distribution; through it’s subsidiary Emmett Furla Films Distribution LLC, is a Delaware Limited Liability Company set up to contract with third parties for the world wide distribution and/or exploitation of FMLY's / FMYR FILMS Also ; when available or opportunity avail to itself, contact the owners of original materials (such as screenplays and books) with the intent of acquiring or licensing rights in and to those properties. and attract creative talent (actors and directors) for a potential motion picture projects and if successful would then grant or license out the property rights to third party financiers of motion pictures, who will then contract with the creative talent, as well as availing itself to third party finance, producers and sub-contract to distribute/exploit the motion picture/TV projects.


Plan of Operation

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