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Family Room Entertainment Corp. (“FMYR” or the “Company”) Plan of Operations plans to continue as mainly a Media Entertainment Company. “FMRY” including now more Live Event Shows Media Entertainment areas and looking at and be much much saaller or no activity in the prior having been engaged in various aspects of the Media Entertainment motion picture Film/TV/Cable/Internet/Social Media/Streaming Internet and other areas such as Live Events for Shows and various similar Media Entertainment ares and less and smaller in film/tv/video restoration and much more.process future projects in several areas for joint ventures, and as well as it plans to look at more so in Live E of the live show events of production/co- production / future –more distribution and other content Direct and via Third Parties. Family Room Entertainment Corp (“FMYR”)+ media communications group, creating, delivering and preserving quality cross platform content globally s for in-house projects as well with third parties and joint ventures external projects are distributed internationally to nearly 3,500 buyers, as well as to film networks such as names CCA Group & Leisure Link ;Sony Pictures, and Universal Pictures. The Film/Media titles, and many more as well. We are also looked highly to target other ancillary media entertainment outlets, such as VOD (Netflix, , iTunes; Hulu).

More about Family Room Entertainment: Family Room Entertainment Corporation, is a Publicly held company trading on the OTC Markets, symbol "FMYR". Family Room Entertainment earns fees, and other revenue from Various areas of the media entertainment industry and other elated services for the entertainment industry.


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