Justin Wall
President & Director

Justin started out at the age of 15 with his first commercial venture in Media Communications and has endevoured to become a Serial Entrepreneur covering multiple industries, with a core focus on a background in Media, Music and Property Development/ Construction. Justin has a keen interest in developing New Media’s and Technologies, while retaining an infinite passion for business, MOTION PICTURES, MUSIC, design, family and life.

  • 2000 – 2004 / Managing Director of The Divine Group, engaged in Media Communications, clients included Manchester United, Leisure Link, Carphone Warehouse Group, Moli Media China.

  • 2003 – Present / Managing Director of UKCN Group, engaged in Restaurants, Media Communications, Commodities and Procurement for China, Africa and the MENA region

  • 2004 – 2006 / Managing Director of Twenty Five Recruitment, engaged in recruitment for UK Construction Industry.

  • 2011 – Present / Engaged in Private Luxury Property Development & Investment.

  • 2012 – Present / Director of Worldwide Infrastructure ( engaged in Infrastructure and Property Development in Middle East & Africa.

  • 2013 – Present / Co- Founder & Director of Tech company “Mail Minion”, an Email Service Provider and Technology Group. IN WALL / PRESIDENT & DIRECTORJUSTIN WALL / PRESIDENT & DIRECTOR

Stanley Tepper is “STEPPss/sm” 

COO - / - DIRECTOR - - - BMCSENT/sm-Consultant Controller

Business Management Financial Marketing Production Service Film Consultant /sm  @2/03/05/12/13/14

Mr. Tepper a “Business Management Marketing Production Consultant /sm

Mr. Tepper STEPPss principal of BMCS-Consulting Entertainment for more recent years and a Business Management Financial Marketing Production Film Service Consultant for over 35 years and currently is involved in Consulting Financial Marketing Business Management and Entertainment area including but not limited to Special Consultant/Controller under BMCSENT/sm for FMYR and as well as for certain special Not-for-Profit organizations including and others.

Mr. Tepper was Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of FMRY for the past approximate four years and, having been with FMYR for over 15years a/k/a FMLY/FMYR/EFFD/FMLY--Distro FMLY/FMYR as COO/CFO; and more currently with FMLY/FMYR and its new acquisition QinMedia

Mr. Tepper has held various senior management positions with various entities for more than 35 years.

During period from 2009 to present was financial tax accountant business management consultant for APRO/Allegiant, a payroll service and staffing company and Bayside Financial a business management financial consulting company and Financial Business Accountant consultant for a number of entertainment production/film/tv entities and not- for profits. From 2000 to Present was/is Finance/Accountant/Consultant for Family Room entertainment Corp (FMYR) a film/tv entertainment production and distribution company overseeing ultimate’s/estimates and Finance/Business Management and 2009 being the Business Management Consultant//Controller for Warning Management Services.(WMNI), a Modeling Agency and Marketing Service Company and Bayside Financial & Business Services John (Capie) Cappizzito . Also, Business Management Financial Production Consultant to Tamar Scarlet Entertainment Corp(TSE) an entertainment music, film, TV, company including the upcoming “Jazz Music Awards” & "Heel to Toe" Reality Show and much more and as well as certain not-for-profits; i.e; and much more.

During the period 1998 through March 2000 Mr. Tepper was Business Management Financial Service Consultant and its Controller of Operations for Warner Bros.Time/Warner/Village Roadshow Pictures joint venture and previous Time/Warner Business Management Financial Coordinator Orion Pictures in all as overseeing corporate day to day operations, design of its financial software systems and distribution accounting and ultimate’s/estimates for it projects.

Prior to that Mr. Tepper, as indicated, has over 35+ years of experience in business management financial production service consulting and senior management in accounting/finance /tax and human resources , principally in the entertainment industry such entities as Business Management Financial Service Consultant for Time/Warner/Orion Pictures joint venture, Business Management Financial Controller of Satori Films, ALMI Distribution/RKO Warner Theaters, and the Cannon Group, Inc. and Other independent entertainment projects-film/TV. Organization.

Mr. Tepper began his career with Price Waterhouse (a/k/a -Price, Waterhouse, Coopers -PWC) , New York. And Alan Reich & Company New York. Mr. Tepper Earned a BS degree from Southeastern University; a federal granted university; Washington, DC with a major in business management finance and accounting as well as a minor in computer methodology, systems and design and minor in psychology. Mr. Tepper an non practicing status inactive CPA under for Washington, DC.

Mr. Tepper very knowledgeable of various systems; i.e., Microsoft Office / Outlook;etc.; System Software, and Design/; etc., SAGE MAS 90/200/500/110, Quickbooks --Main/Accountant Online Pro ;etc. and , Payroll Service Systems , Various Tax Software inclusive of Intuit Lacerte, and GoToMyPC and GotoMeeting, and much more etc.






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