Feasibility Study

Ensure your project proposal meets jurisdictional criteria before heavily investing into a specific site.  Multiple municipalities hold jurisdiction over each project site across the country.  State, local and federal regulators have separate licensing and regulatory processes to be completed by operators, prior to entitling cannabis use facilities.  BOM Supply feasibility study will verify your site checks all of the boxes for all regulatory bodies, or assist in bringing your site up to compliance prior to application submittals.  This could save your operation tens of thousands of dollars in start up cost; as well as cutting months off of your timeline by avoiding major setbacks.

Design and Layout

BOM Supply maximizes space into profits.  Our group has designed for over 25 approved cannabis licensees in Northern California since 2016, across multiple jurisdictions.  From commercial indoor cultivation, to mixed light greenhouse with supplemental lighting, to full season outdoors,  we have the most efficient layouts in the industry.  Maximize your site for production and best workflow, whether indoor or outdoor cultivation, extraction, or distribution we make the most out of your space

Cultivation Planning

BOM Supply helps new cultivators in the commercial space hit the ground running.  Transitioning from a private cultivator to a commercial cannabis farmer can render many new challenges scaling up your operation.  Many unforeseen tasks become large burdens when not planned for accordingly.  BOM Supply has the most efficient operating procedures for your site.

BOM Supply Purchase Power

Soil, fertilizers, cultivation supplies, and extraction equipment all fall under the BOM Supply chain of products. After joining BOM Supply Cultivation Network your site will enjoy the buying power of all farms under BOM Supply.    This gives our team and colleagues a tremendous advantage over competitors.  As a group, BOM farmers can enjoy lower overhead and higher margins as all of our clients’ farms expand.


Each State and Local government has regulated cannabis and therefore each has a specific and individual policy on commercial cannabis within their jurisdiction. Therefore contact your local and state regulators for guidelines, fees, and restrictions.

There are multiple license types within the cannabis industry. Local and state jurisdictions regulate licensing and fees. Most licenses consist of the following base types:

BOM Supply has access to legal plants on commercial scale across the United States.

BOM Supply has a network of supply warehouses that can drop ship nationwide. Once you are part of the BOM Supply Cultivation Network, you can place orders directly through BOM or one of our subsidiaries.

There are many approaches to successfully grow cannabis.  This is an organic process which comes in many shapes and sizes, and consulting with your developer, cultivator, and Investor will enable you to determine the shape and size of your project as well as your vision for success. Let us help make your vision a reality. We can help collaborate to make sure you achieve your cannabis goals. Contact BOM Supply for more information.